The Art of Film Acting

A unique film acting experience aimed exclusively at unleashing your emotional power.

Welcome to Jeremiah Comey's Film Acting Studio                  

Film Acting, like all art, is a form of communication. Actors on film express the chaotic splendor of human emotion, via their interaction with each other. Jeremiah Comey's studio offers each student the opportunity to master the art of being emotionally open on film. He operates on the same conviction that made Vincent Van Gogh's art so powerful, which is the idea that brilliant art is the purest expression of the artist's self. Just as great artists define themselves by their art, so do brilliant film actors communicate through their quality.  Quality is a combination of their individual personality and their talent.

The art of acting requires that you study in order to master the craft.   It is easy to cry when you fight with a lover or watch a tearjerker.  But it is another matter to cry in an audition or in a scene. You need to be able to expose your true feelings in any situation that your craft demands. In front of the camera, it can be a nightmare for the untrained actor to be believable and emotionally honest. Even a scene as simple as a quiet talk over coffee can be daunting. It is difficult to shed your inhibitions, but the key to good acting is providing the audience with the truest sense of who you are. Good acting is not just a performance, the character or the dialogue- it is the actor sharing who they are with the world. 

Jeremiah Comey's method, the Art of Film Acting, teaches actors how to achieve and respond to honest emotions on-camera by utilizing five key principles:  Concentration, Acceptance, Not Knowing, Giving & Receiving and Relating.  Using these principles encourages actors to experience rather than indicate an emotion. Comey's method has been studied by many actors such as Billy Zane, Jackson RathboneMehcad Brooks, Lindsey Shaw, Adrian Paul, Armie Hammer, Kayla Ewell, and Johnny Knoxville. .

The studio is located at the Times Square Center in Studio City, California.  For over 35 years, the Jeremiah Comey Film Acting Studio has offered professional and aspiring actors a unique film acting experience. He aims exclusively at capitalizing on the emotional power in "the Close-Up."  His method and exercises provide the actor with the foundations to perform in front of the camera.  Jeremiah's goal is to support each actor in achieving his or her creative potential on a professional and personal level.  All class work and exercises are intimate and filmed. 

Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not of the sitter.

- Oscar Wilde -

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