The Art of Film Acting

A unique film acting experience aimed exclusively at unleashing your emotional power.

Jeremiah Comey

Jeremiah Comey has been in the film industry for thirty-six years as an actor, writer, director and coach.  He has a degree in Theater Arts from California State University and he is a Fulbright Scholar. Not only is he an established figure in American film but he has gained international rapport from teaching workshops in Singapore, New Zealand and Greece. He has also lectured at the New York Film Academy, the American Film Institute, UCLA, Marymount College and Los Angeles City College. 

Industry experience aside, working with Jeremiah is beneficial because his wisdom extends beyond the set. He is a dedicated and passionate teacher, who is available to his students to his full capacity. He has mentored many actors, and guided them towards a consistent work-path. His studio, which began in Hollywood, has been a sanctuary for aspiring actors, directors and writers for years. His life itself has been cinematic. He always wanted to act, but was told he was too short. So he travelled the world with the navy, then worked as an Australian cowboy. Eventually he returned stateside to pursue his true passion for acting. It was during his return that he fell in love with his wife Jan, who to this day still supports his every endeavor. His colorful experiences in the navy and struggling as an actor earlier in life have resulted in a truly empathetic, educated and skilled teacher. 

At Jeremiah's studio, students are given the opportunity to develop into their best selves on-screen, and are always invited to become part of the studio's family. 

A Message from Jeremiah

“I am my favorite actor.” This is what was told to me by an actress, when asked who her favorite actor was.  I then realized how simple and brilliant her statement is, because as actors we should strive to be ourselves.  After thirty years of teaching, I am still fascinated by each and every actor because they are all so unique. The point is, you are selling “You.” This includes not only your physical appearance, but your emotional, mental and intuitive capabilities. In addition you are also the product of your past and present experiences, hopes, dreams and ambitions. All of these factors in combination with each other create a truly individual actor. As a result, what you want to share with the audience is the distinct experience of “Yourself.”

I want to take this opportunity to share with you the cutting edge of film acting. A process that will help you unleash your emotional power, leading you to create a memorable performance for the audience. For example, audiences will never forget the time when Julia Roberts said the line “I’m just a girl asking a boy to love her” in “Notting Hill.” Or seeing Diana Lane in “Unfaithful” seated on a train going home to her husband. Lane expresses the true joy and bliss of her forbidden sexual experience, but simultaneously shows the guilt and shame she feels for betraying her husband. There is also Clint Eastwood’s subdued anger in “Make my day” or his joy in pointing a gun at a criminal and saying “Do you feel lucky punk, well do yaw?” Or Jack Nicholson’s kiss in the “Pledge.” It is when an actor’s emotional power colors the dialogue that the audience is allowed to experience the actor on an intuitive level, making the performance memorable.

Film acting is about the close-up. An emotional performance magnified on the big screen are the ingredients to a stellar production: a harmonious connection between actors, directors and dialogue. My techniques are designed to help you service the director to achieve his vision. Nobody has ever won an Oscar for the long shot or blocking. Understanding how to work in the close-up is 90% of mastering how to work on film.  It will take you a few short months to learn how to be competent, so dedicate yourself to unleash your talent and share your brilliance through this art form.

To help you understand my technique, I recommend you audit our Tuesday night class. 

All my Best,


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