The Art of Film Acting

A unique film acting experience aimed exclusively at unleashing your emotional power.


“Jeremiah provides
profound insight into the simple truth of this craft.  Above plot, language, even intent, you’ll realize that achieving emotional truth through connectivity becomes paramount for story telling.  Jeremiah is not just making bettor actors, but better filmmakers.”

Billy Zane, Actor (Titanic, Memphis Belle, The Phantom, Silver City and Boston Public)

“When I first came to LA I was lucky enough to find a manager who would sign me with no credits, but she insisted that I attend Jeremiah Comey’s studio. 
Jeremiah knows everything about teaching the craft of film acting, and I firmly believe all my success is due to my representation and my teacher, Jeremiah Comey.” 

Jackson Rathbone, Actor (The Twilight Saga, The Last Airbender, Beautiful People, Senior Skip Day ) 

“Jeremiah’s method is vital to bringing out the best in an actor.  He teaches what the greats have been doing for years.  He puts a handle on it.  He teaches you how to
harness your emotions and let them work for you without your intellect screwing things up.  He teaches you how to make film acting simple.”

–  Mehcad Brooks, Actor, True Blood, Desperate Housewives, Glory Road, Fencewalker, True Blood)

“Jeremy Comey is hands down
the best secret in town.  He can take anyone and make them understand how to be brilliant.  I would not have a career with out him.”

Jerad Anderson, Actor (ParFection:The Golf Movie, Nic & Tristan, Greek, Bratz, Just For Kicks, 24, CSI:Miami, Bad Reputation, ER)

"I walked into Jeremiah Comey's studio as green as they get, and he helped me to
become 100% comfortable in front of his camera.  I owe him a lot."

-Johnny Knoxville, Actor (Jackass, Men in Black II, Dukes of Hazzard, Walking Tall)

"I have known Jeremiah Comey for many years and observed his excellent work with actors.  He has a brilliant reputation in the filmmaking community as
one of the industry's finest acting coaches."

- Robert McKee, Renowned Lecturer & Author of "Story: Style, Structure, Substance and the Principles of Screenwriting"
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